r/Idontworkherelady Stupid Karen Doesn't Realize She's Arguing With A Cop!

r/Idontworkherelady In today's episode, an angry Karen at a mall restaurant argues with a restaurant worker about them not having the correct sauce. OP, a police officer, overhears the commotion and approaches to get the woman to calm down. This dumb woman assumes that OP is a security guard and just screams louder and louder, until eventually OP has to arrest the Karen and drag her off to booking!

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"Sneaky Snitch" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  • I’ve started learning other languages just for a vacation to another country in the future. Wouldn’t want to be that tourist

    gamerbrosvivagamerbrosviva7 өдрийн өмнө
  • I have been around the world twice and found that most Americans expect the world to march to their drum.

    Michael WhismanMichael Whisman9 өдрийн өмнө
  • no its the way rSlash pronounced Debenhams... I should have seen it coming but I'm ashamed I didnt

    Chai YanChai Yan11 өдрийн өмнө
  • Proof we are in a simulation, how else do you explain these NPC type people?

    Unofficial Kevin BarnesUnofficial Kevin Barnes12 өдрийн өмнө
  • Big pointy hat??? Oh you mean th KKK

    Michael ParryMichael Parry13 өдрийн өмнө
  • The closed grocery lane is common. When I worked as a cashier, it happened often where a customer would load their groceries onto a belt where 1) the light was off 2) a clear "lane closed" is present 3) nobody is at the register. All clear signs. I would be at my register waiting on my own customer, not being able to say anything. Everytime, they'd finish loading the belt and look around, then stare at me. Then get angry when I told them the lane was closed.

    Julie BlountJulie Blount15 өдрийн өмнө
  • Karen: Do this thing Random person: I dont work here Karen: how dare you, I could have you fired .

    GordiGordi15 өдрийн өмнө
  • Well in EU, if you exclude the UK as it has left the EU, 60% of the citizens of the EU speak English. 18% of the people is the next most widely spoken language. So yes, it is likely you will find an English speaker, but do not feel so entitled that they MUST speak to you in English.

    odyss eusodyss eus18 өдрийн өмнө
  • Re: Cop Story. The plural of Focus is 'Foci'. pronounced 'FOE-sigh'.

    Foxfire InfernoFoxfire Inferno19 өдрийн өмнө
  • 10:00 American's for you

    mystical being89mystical being8919 өдрийн өмнө
  • ''I hope he never found the chips'' LOL XD

    JuksutusJuksutus19 өдрийн өмнө
  • From New Zealand..? "Snipers a good job mate challenging work guaranteed you will not go an...

    Trouble FireTrouble Fire22 өдрийн өмнө
  • Bruh the Japanese guy got me cryin 😂😂😂

    R1d1cule 96R1d1cule 9624 өдрийн өмнө
  • Every time rslash encounters a new british shop name its the funniest thing ever

    Spencer is WildSpencer is Wild29 өдрийн өмнө
  • I can't imagine going to another country and expecting them to know English. Sure, some countries teach it mandatorily, but I would expect to be utterly lost and useless in any non-English speaking place (even within the US) because I don't know their language. It's just so arrogant. Maybe my high school French and what Spanish I've picked up from my PR in-laws could float me somewhat, but it would be my fault for struggling if I don't speak fluently. Duh!

    faeriefire78faeriefire78Сарын өмнө
  • R/idontworkherelady: The Movie Coming soon to a theater near you!

    The Great Stoned DragonThe Great Stoned DragonСарын өмнө
  • The last one just had me confused like, she didnt work there how can she get fired

    ImNotMike_3rdChannelImNotMike_3rdChannelСарын өмнө
  • i love listening to these on youtube and spotify while i do art!

    Tallie_Sky CotlTallie_Sky CotlСарын өмнө
  • That cop story kinda reminds me of the Hot Fuzz promotion

    Alex WilsonAlex WilsonСарын өмнө
  • Imma be honest he sounds tired and out of it but idk if he is so if so I hope he rests and takes time off and have time for himself

    Christian SepulvedaChristian SepulvedaСарын өмнө
  • I think you should do an R slash I know English 😂

    Mary PratorMary PratorСарын өмнө
  • I'm from the nz and its pronounced moari sorry if that sounded rode

    Desmond WassDesmond WassСарын өмнө
  • Well, for the Dutch Guy I feel compelled to say something to it. Before going ballistic, read the whole Thing. So, in most of Europe, you learn at least 2 Languages - English and your own. This is literally the lowes Grade of education, everything above contains at least 1 more. So, not speaking/understanding English on the lowest Level is kinda rare and is seen like... well, it is something between "beeing Retarded" (the real conditions) or plain stupid that you could legally count as retarded. The Problem here is, that a lot of people "forget" their Schools English pretty fast and many Shools do not provide a good education in it. Also, keep in Mind that many People originate from the easern Countrys and thus speak not English as secondary Language rather than Russian. But, the second Thing is a bit more clarifying: The reason all Europeans shall learn English is the Reason, we should all be able to talk to each others and thus overcome former (often nationalistic) "Resentments" you had towards the others. Germans and French should learn to get along as well as Greek and Italian People do. Peace is not so common here as many think, the Yugoslawian Wars were horrible and there is a lot of Things constantly causing trouble, so we had to find a solution to us constantly killing ourselfs because of "Holy Father-/Motherland". Refusing the English is often a sign of someone looking down on you as you are a "Foreigner", which is similar to the Problem that Black People in the US have. Basically, you should be all together one big Family, but some do not accept "that dirty Person". It is kinda disgusting, and often it is hard to make the difference betwwen the ones ashamed not speaking English and thoose refusing to do so because you are who you are. So, it is totally possible that that Dutch Dude really was pissed for a reason and not the Asshole - although, I doubt it, as the Netherlands have some.... nationalistic "Superbrains". Thoose Guys thinking isolating the Netherlands from the World will be good for the Country because "then we do not have to Pay Europe anymore"; completeley lacking awareness of the Fact, that it is the European Trading Agreements that make them the "Harbor for European Trade". Thoose kind of "Superbrains". That Dude may be also one of thoose as well. All I wanna say here - do not fall for Predjustice, but neither run around naiveley believeing everyone here is a "Wo-/Man of culture". Even though we got mostly rid of the Monarchs, we still have the same Problems as before: Greedy Leaders that only seek their own Benefits and a lot of stupid Peasants running around angily with a Fork and a Torch when told so.

    RabijeelRabijeelСарын өмнө
  • Can confirm: we have zero inhibitions about using "colourful language" as need be. And even if not fkn needed, for that matter.

    Wolf NZ OutdoorsWolf NZ OutdoorsСарын өмнө
  • for the dutch guy, while he was being stupid about people not speaking english, i do understand where he is coming from. i am dutch myself and because dutch is not a common language we are used te be tought english and almost everyone here speaks english next to dutch. (one better than the other, but most of the times enough to get around). i was really surprised when i found out that not in every non english county, english is not commonly given on schools.

    Liesl BeekmanLiesl Beekman2 сарын өмнө
  • As an Aussie, I know you NEVER fuck with a Maori woman (we have a lot of Maori expats here) because 9 times out of 10 she'll beat your ass worse than a man could. That Karen was lucky she didn't push further 🤣

    Cody ThumaCody Thuma2 сарын өмнө
  • I was expecting the first story to be a "law-abiding" (when he fancies it) Citizen spots "two shaddy individauls" and assumes their "strange gestures" are,in fact, "some strange sort of coded sign language used by Street/Criminal Gangs that they were using to discuss how they were going to rob the store without none of the Staff overhearing" and calls the Police, only to be arrested himself because "Sir, it is not nor ever has been against the Law to use sign langage, especially when around Deaf People!"

    flashstudiosguyflashstudiosguy2 сарын өмнө
  • Hmmm deben-hams Its pronounced debenams

    Legend of the NightLegend of the Night2 сарын өмнө
  • *THIS REGISTER IS CLOSED* The engineer: if she could read she’d be very upset

    Uncontrollable SphereUncontrollable Sphere2 сарын өмнө
  • About that "speak english in a foreign country" I just have to say one thing: If someone demands such thing I would explicitly only speak my motherlanguage just to piss them off even more. I know my fair share of english due to my work but if someone demands I speak it in order to entertain them, I just refuse and ask them casually: In welchem Land sind wir? (What country is this?)

    Kisara SheraKisara Shera2 сарын өмнө
  • I'm amused by the "know the management" thing...I frequent a SubWay restaurant and everyone else I see who "knows the management" is much more chill than the drop-in people...

    Matthew MillerMatthew Miller2 сарын өмнө
  • I can understand why you'd be upset if you're in a common tourist area and no one speaks your language, but calling people stupid is disrespectful.

    Keith MurrayKeith Murray2 сарын өмнө
  • mid 80s, first or second family trip abroad. on the plane to Italy my dad sits next to a nice couple and in conversation it turns out they don't know any foreign language AT ALL, including English. at customs they try to talk in our native middle eastern language, and naturally no one understands them. my dad helped them out, and later they tagged along in the taxi and the hotel, but after that we went our separate ways and I still wonder 35+ years later, how they managed to get back home.

    whatgamesweplaywhatgamesweplay2 сарын өмнө
  • You know it’s a Karen stupid when the normal person says in their first words “I DONT WORK HERE” and yet Karen still says “ ILL HAVD YOU FIRED”

    ChickenDock6549 GamingChickenDock6549 Gaming2 сарын өмнө
  • Ok, so I don't have reddit, but one time I was driving home with my mom, and all of a sudden, a Karen comes up and yells at my mom. "Hey you!" My mom and I realize that she is INDEED a Karen. We had just passed a line of cars... that were parked in a line at a freaking WALMART. PARKED. P A R K E D. She says "You just passed those people that were W A I T I N G. You couldn't have waited 5 f***ing minutes?!" We just drove off, but my 4 YEAR OLD SISTER was awake, and listening. Lady, if your out there, F*ck you! TL:DR Karen cusses at my mom for passing parked cars a walmart.

    Oliver YeungOliver Yeung2 сарын өмнө
  • Welcome to rSlash! Be prepared to rage at at LEAST 2 karens, and 1 male karen per day! ARE YOU READY TO RAGE?

    Oliver YeungOliver Yeung2 сарын өмнө
  • "Im gonna get you fired." I dont work here. "I know the boss and theyre gonna fire you." 🙄🙄

    Nova Marie SimmsNova Marie Simms2 сарын өмнө
  • The last one made me genuinely angry. I am not against slapping people like that

    Final BossGamerFinal BossGamer2 сарын өмнө
  • "I work as a pos" my brain: piece of shi-

    Dylan BretDylan Bret2 сарын өмнө
  • popcorn that looks exactly like a human being who would’ve thought

    A. Buster_123A. Buster_1232 сарын өмнө
  • 3rd story. It's like if you took a Karen and dunked it in a vat that had "CHAV" printed on the side.

    Connor O'NeillConnor O'Neill2 сарын өмнө
  • 11:22 Huh? The policeman didn’t recognize his own language?

    Darcy BrummettDarcy Brummett2 сарын өмнө
  • 3:35 That’s her fault for ignoring the should-have-been-obvious register closed sign.

    Darcy BrummettDarcy Brummett2 сарын өмнө
  • 1:02 How does gesturing mean the person works there?

    Darcy BrummettDarcy Brummett2 сарын өмнө
  • I always like the tweet where the poster was at an airport and going off on an employee “if you don’t speak English then why are you working here?” Ma’am, you’re in Shanghai, China

    tonedeaftalenttonedeaftalent2 сарын өмнө
  • "I could have you fired" you cant be fired where you dont work.

    gage burksgage burks2 сарын өмнө
  • You get comments about mostly all things, but nobody comments on these ridiculous names, who would name themselves POSMORELIKEPIECEOFSH, why? I assume it’s saying piece of shit? Why would you name yourself piece of shit? And if it’s not that, then why would you name yourself whatever that is, reddit man, the place of ridiculous as f*** names.

    lu makadalu makada2 сарын өмнө
  • how the hell does a popcorn machine catch fire?

    Rasenshuriken 77Rasenshuriken 772 сарын өмнө
  • Karnes IRL what a nice day it would be a shame if someone ruined it

    How To CraftHow To Craft2 сарын өмнө
  • When she said immagrints I felt like I was going to explode

    FIONN-EFIONN-E2 сарын өмнө
  • how did that karen not listen to the cop. she must be so dumb

    Canadian gamerCanadian gamer2 сарын өмнө
  • "I COULD HAVE YOU FIRED!" From fucking where?

    CedreanCedrean2 сарын өмнө
  • I could binge these videos, write down jobs, their purpose, organization, structure, acronyms and the whole shebang and do an A+ assignment that would get me hired for knowing so much about everything about their business and their related stuff outside. I love how descriptive these people are about laws and how everything works, if only I could remember half of it.

    magnusm4magnusm42 сарын өмнө
  • That cop in Japan who couldn't speak English: it was fairly common that they would try and speak English with gaijin. My sister taught Japanese in Australia and went to teach English in Japan for a year. So many times she would ask for directions or something in Japanese only to get the answer in English. I was there for a fortnight and witnessed it. My Japanese is far from fluent. I remember asking some high school girls for directions and the answer was verbatim "I don't like English. Toilet".

    Ben HoodBen Hood2 сарын өмнө
  • Public order offence aka POO

    Stener QuestenStener Questen2 сарын өмнө
  • You accurately explained us kiwis well 😂

    Hera KahuiHera Kahui2 сарын өмнө
  • Funny facts .... More ppl in the world speak Spanish than English ......

    erik andersenerik andersen2 сарын өмнө
  • The way he said Maori, that hurt me to my core, like I was so happy that she was from New Zealand but the he said Maori and my heart actually started hurting

    Michael RanapiriMichael Ranapiri2 сарын өмнө
  • Europeans put way too much value on learning other languages.

    cory6266cory62662 сарын өмнө
  • Technically she was an immigrant... But damn!!!

    Hermann RoetsHermann Roets2 сарын өмнө
  • Always sucks when people come to america and can't speak English

    Ken PatKen Pat2 сарын өмнө
  • DebonHyams

    TangerineTangerine2 сарын өмнө
  • 9:12 £80 not $80

    G O DG O D3 сарын өмнө
  • I'm a kiwi gal and yeah that's what I'd do lol. Ps you pronounced Maori perfectly! well done!

    Evelyn MackenzieEvelyn Mackenzie3 сарын өмнө
  • Pickle 🥒

    RIBBIXRIBBIX3 сарын өмнө
  • I did not know that cops can force you to put money in the 'Swear Jar'. Cool.

    Asha WrightAsha Wright3 сарын өмнө
  • I speak multiple languages and don’t expect to go to another country and them speak English. It would be easier on me, but I always try to speak their language to make it easier for them.

    Samurai LeviSamurai Levi3 сарын өмнө
  • This boa a joke for you guys and Rslash ok here I go. Rose's are red violets are blue yo momma so stupid and she's a karen too I'm a kiwi not the bird it's what us aussies and new zealnder call ourselves cos our native bird is a kiwi. Also you pronounced Maori right.

    SaberKiddSaberKidd3 сарын өмнө
  • Note to "posmorelikepieceofsh:" If you ever have a job at an Aveda, ask what the staff there wear before you wear all black. There's one of their places near my home, and all black is exactly what they wear.

    Siva SmithSiva Smith3 сарын өмнө
  • These kind of stories make me wish they knew the power of passive-aggressiveness. If they are being extremely rude to you at a summer job, say, "I hope your day gets better?" as sincerely as possible. They will likely have the best face. It probably makes them have a mini-mental breakdown.

    Anthony SmithAnthony Smith3 сарын өмнө
  • PLEASE learn to say Māori properly, you constantly say it incorrectly and its disrespectful.

    Senpai CoffeeSenpai Coffee3 сарын өмнө
  • i sure hope that non existent sandwich which prolly cost $5 tasted good cuz it just cost her $80, rofl

    Dante BlackDante Black3 сарын өмнө
  • Hearing him say debenhams as the way you read it like deb-en-hams is the funniest thing to me as a brit xD we would say it like deb-en-ems

    Finn WoodwardFinn Woodward3 сарын өмнө
  • I'm with popcorn repair guy. If your job doesn't require you to be polite to other people's stupid customers, let 'em have with both barrels.

    Lans32485Lans324853 сарын өмнө
  • Debenhams 😭😭

    Minecraft Dirt blockMinecraft Dirt block3 сарын өмнө
  • WHats so wrong with it, to learn a bit of the language from the land you visited? Im very bad in writing and the grammar of other Language, but i can speak and understand english an a bit of Itali, schwedish, spain and greek (all the Lands i have make a trip) and for the things i dont know, i use a translator

    Lady DachschadenLady Dachschaden3 сарын өмнө
  • The last story had me laughing... I'm a kiwi woman and we're really feisty and not shy about cutting down bullsh!t from aholes,just saying!

    Kali TaylorKali Taylor3 сарын өмнө
  • Same here I hate how people refuse to learn the native language of a foreign country, I mean talk about rude.

    Brandon AllenBrandon Allen3 сарын өмнө
  • That Kiwi woman is the exact example of any New Zealander. I should know, I am one.

    Who Art Thou?Who Art Thou?3 сарын өмнө
  • Omg i havent heard your voice in a while and oh god i missed it, its soo smooth and so good sounding i love it!

    FLYING FOX studiosFLYING FOX studios3 сарын өмнө
  • Humans are idiots im waiting for someday while working off the clock ( i do that from time to time to save myself a headace later ) for someone to tell me to do my job so i can say ok and walk off and sit down in the back XD sense im off the clock my job would be to come in in about an hour so ill go do that...( i dont do much but work and stay away from people been like that for 20 years now so this whole covid thing hasnt changed much for me lol )

    DrackothDrackoth3 сарын өмнө
  • If I went to Germany I wouldn't expect them to speak English I'm going to their home I should speak what they speak

    Brett ShepherdBrett Shepherd3 сарын өмнө
  • Just for clarification in case any American watchers were wondering, that £80 is $111. All over a sandwich topping

    TerminalCarrionTerminalCarrion3 сарын өмнө
  • I've worked in a movie theatre and the popcorn machine broke. Not fun waiting for the parts to arrive to fix it. Luckily we owned the old downtown main street theatre that had a much smaller one that we used, but it couldn't keep up with demand. A busy night we could go through 50 lbs (22kg) of popcorn kernels.

    IcmlostIcmlost3 сарын өмнө
  • Don’t care what country it is, I’ll never root for a cop in a story lmao Uk Cop OP definitely likes rubber for breakfast

    SpaceBoySpaceBoy3 сарын өмнө
  • I hope he never found the chips... brutal

    Marie AntoinetteMarie Antoinette3 сарын өмнө
  • A Karen was banned from a Lowe's for yelling at a supposed Mexican to go get her some lumber. He proceeded to scream at her for ten minutes that he was Filipino USMC veteran, and he had zero tolerance for "Nazi-fucking KKK harlots"... She had a panic attack and had to be led from the store, shaking like a leaf. Methinks she'll be a bit less open about her racism from now on

    Henry RodgersHenry Rodgers3 сарын өмнө
  • "i don't work here. - you're fired!" ...geniuses.

    AmaelissAmaeliss3 сарын өмнө
  • I have another ¨speak English¨ story. Just to set the stage, I am Mexican and I live in Mexico. Obviously, I speak English. (I am, in fact, an English teacher.) So at the time I was working in an area of Mexico City that was just on the edge of a touristy area. I stopped at 7/11 to get a cup of coffee (yes, we have them here). I stopped in most days so was well known to the people who worked there, and I had occasionally helped with a tourist with a problem. Most were nice and appreciative. But today was different. There were two Americans talking louder and louder and getting redder and redder. Like somehow yelling is going to make someone suddenly speak English. They just kept yelling, this is an American company, don´t you have to speak English to work here? I was getting a couple of pleading glances to help and I was really just going to leave them to deal with the idiots, but I felt sorry for them taking abuse for no reason. So I ramble over and ask if I can help them with something. Turns out, they wanted to know where a specific street was and the f*ing sign was actually on the wall outside the store. They were ON that street. So I said, sure I will show you. I walked outside, pointed to the sign and said, there you go. I did say a few other things, in both English and Spanish (the Spanish things were more insulting). And walked off. Stupid assholes. Sadly, I have a TON of stories. The funnier ones are when I overheard conversations in English that were not meant for my ears, because it was just assumed that no one spoke English so they could say whatever they wanted. Sometimes I would just chuckle and sometimes I would make a comment (and, yes, sometimes rudely) on what they had said, and give them my favorite piece of advice. Don´t assume that everyone speaks English, but don´t assume no one does either. The reality is that most Mexican professionals DO speak English, and having a certain level of English is required to graduate from college.

    M. Teresa LopezM. Teresa Lopez3 сарын өмнө
  • -I work as a POS technician- Very poor choice of words

    MeemerBoiMeemerBoi3 сарын өмнө
  • America must be the only country that demands that other countries speak English. And it's embarrassing as F.

    C. MageC. Mage3 сарын өмнө
  • is it just you or i like blood who like is it just me??????? plz me

    GamerGubbiGamerGubbi3 сарын өмнө
  • The only places that should be expected to understand some English are countries who are native to/known for speaking English. This includes (if I’m incorrect then I’m sorry) Canada (I live there lol) Ireland Scotland Britain Australia and maybe one or two countries that I don’t remember at the moment are native to the English language. Some countries that MIGHT know some English (BUT YOU SHOULD STILL LEARN THEIR LANGUAGE FIRST!!!) are France Germany some parts of Japan and India along with Brazil and Italy. Again sorry if I’m wrong about some of this and if you want to correct me then please do so in a respectful manner and I will be hell bent on fixing my comment as soon as possible. And again if your going to a country that isn’t native to the English language then please save millions of people the headache and just learn their language or at the very least just go somewhere else.

    Michael B.Michael B.3 сарын өмнө
  • In the se ond story he work there but not for the copany

    Elis GillbergElis Gillberg3 сарын өмнө
  • I am pleased to see another Kiwi is teaching people how to deal with Karens. If they approach you tell them to fuck off. If they touch you punch them in the face, avoid the mouth because it cuts your knuckles. How grown Americans don't understand these basic instructions astounds and depresses me. They're like small children who won't speak up for themselves and are shocked nothing changes.

    The Hangman's DaughterThe Hangman's Daughter3 сарын өмнө
  • Karen: swears at a cop Cop: knock that off or you will be arrested Karen: no Cop: has her taken away Karen: shocked Pikachu face I didn't do anything wrong

    cutei zombicutei zombi3 сарын өмнө

    Monica D.Monica D.3 сарын өмнө
  • Service customer desks aren’t equipped for a whole load of groceries. Manger should have just took her to another open register. But he should have backed u up

    Barbara UnderwoodBarbara Underwood3 сарын өмнө
  • Wanted to learn sign language but then remembered I cant really see unless I'm within a foot of someone. He used to be a cop in the UK, oh so he used to be a thug.

    Toshiro YamadaToshiro Yamada3 сарын өмнө
  • bruh ik its your thing and all but please stop adding bits/removing bits from the story, and just read whats there...

    Joshua HicksJoshua Hicks3 сарын өмнө